meet your mak(h)er


mak(h)er is me: a hobart-based lady, maker & perpetual craft dabbler mapping explorations of different mediums.

in yiddish, a makher is someone who is self-important. a bigwig.  perhaps there is an element of that at play. i am narcissistic enough to hope that more people than just me are interested in my forays into various different crafty enterprises and self-important enough to ramble endlessly into cyberspace. being a bit of a killjoy feminist, it is also entirely possible that i am having a little bit of a jibe at the notion of gender as performance and the inexorable links between traditional conceptions of femininity and certain types of artistic expression or craft…

in any case, welcome to my blog, where i will be sharing some of my more successful ventures with you so that you can give them a crack yourself (in addition to the aforementioned rambling). to me, that is one of the most wonderful parts of being a maker and crafter – the sharing of skills with others and the creation of a community.

oh, and if you are left wanting more mak(h)er in your day life, perhaps you could have a peek at my instagram,, where i promise that my cat, lilibeth, and my dog, muffin, make fairly frequent appearances.