extra special envelopes


when i lived in melbourne, i used to work in a magical paper store which, as you might imagine, turned what was a mild paper obsession into a  flaming, raging fire-like level of obsession. i have always collected pretty patterned paper for all kinds of things but it wasn’t until i met ali, an incredibly talented snail mail enthusiast & calligrapher (check her out on instagram @eneley – i guarantee that you will drool over her amazing work), that i had ever thought to make my own patterned paper envelopes. it was a complete “well, duh!” moment & now i have been ruined – envelopes that are not patterned are just a bit too drab now. the best way to make these puppies is with an envelope template but they can be hard to find in australia & it is fairly easy to make lovely envelopes if you’ve got some nice paper & a steady hand.


what you’ll need:

  • a card
  • patterned paper (i like to use double sided 12×12 inch paper – it’s designed for scrapbooking but it works excellently for envelopes because it has a nice weight which makes it more durable for posting, the double sided pattern means you don’t have to line it to make the envelope extra fancy & the larger size also ensures that you will have enough paper for your envelope with left overs for other crafty endeavours – bonuses all around!)
  • ruler
  • scissors or craft knife & cutting mat
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • scoring tool (i use an embossing stylus because i’m edgy like that. if you don’t have either of these, don’t despair – you can substitute in the back of a butter knife or ruler. anything with a defined edge that isn’t too sharp will do the trick)
  • double sided tape (6mm is best)


how you do it:

able & game postcard and 12×12 double sided paper by crate paper are making this project a kitten-y treat!
  1. taking a leaf out of ali’s book, i like to start by matching my paper to my card. along with my paper obsession, i am pretty wild about cats too so for this tutorial i am using one of my favourite cards by fellow cat & card lovers, melbourne duo able & game (check out their awesome stuff here), matched with the ‘curious’ paper from crate paper’s range, wonder.


trace around your card, allowing about 2mm either side for a buffer zone

2. square up your card with the paper that you have chosen, positioning the card about 20mm in & 35mm down. trace around it lightly with your pencil, allowing around 2mm extra on all sides (this is super important otherwise your card won’t fit nicely into your envelope).



this panel will be the backside of your envelope so it needs to be slightly shorter than the first panel

3. scoot the card down so that it is sitting about 25mm above the bottom line of the traced rectangle. line it up with the edge lines & trace lightly around it, allowing a buffer zone of around around 2mm as before.

4. using your ruler, draw on the tabs and the lip of your envelope (left hand edge and top edge respectively are the end of each of these pieces). voila – you have your envelope outlined!



template cut out.jpg

5. using scissors or a craft knife & ruler with a cutting mat, follow the outline & cut out your envelope.


scoring the tabs.jpg
scoring is super important to make these envelopes look as profesh as possible. if you don’t have a scoring tool, you can improvise – anything with a defined edge that is not too sharp with do the trick. i’m using an embossing stylus!

6. score along the remaining ruled lines using whatever implement you have chosen.

7. gently erase the pencil markings & then fold the scored areas lightly (& catch a sneak peek of your snazzy envelope).



cutting corners.jpg
if you don’t trim the corners of the tabs, you can end up with unsightly bumps or uneven folds at the sides of your envelope – ick.

8. trim off the corners of the tabs so that they fit smoothly on the inside of the envelope and round the corners of the envelope lip.



sticking down the edges.jpg
double sided tape is truly a wondrous creation. use it here to get an almost seamless finish to your envelopes.

9. run double sided tape along the outer edge of the tabs when they are folded down, making sure that the tape isn’t extending past where the top of the back flap reaches.



finished patterned envelope.jpg
ready for a snazzy card!

10. stick it together& now it’s ready to house a card! to seal at the back, run double sided tape along the inner lip & stick it down.


**just make sure that if you are sending this in the mail, that your lucky mail receiver’s address is not obstructed by the pattern. Not having the greatest handwriting out… I sometimes find that just popping a pretty printed mailing label is an easy solution to this, if you’re not a calligraphic genius like ali.

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